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Royal Icing, Ready to Use, Satin Ice, 14 oz

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Satin Ice Royal Icing is premixed to piping consistency, making it ready to use on cookies and cakes. Our premium quality formula is crafted so you can easily customize the consistency, flavor and color.

Nut Free • Vegetarian •  Kosher 

USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Simply stir until smooth, transfer into piping bag and decorate! If needed, add a very small amount of water at a time to thin to your desired consistency. 

PREMIUM FORMULA: High quality royal icing with professional performance.

 FINISH: Smooth finish with classic white color making it easy to customize color.

ESSENTIAL TOOLS: Spatulas, mixing bowls, piping bags, piping tips, scribe tool

SETTING: Royal icing will begin its setting process as it is exposed to air. It will take 12-24 hours in open air to dry completely. The more water that is added to the royal icing, the longer the drying time will be.