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Origami Texture Mold, Mini Star Pattern

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The BWB Origami Texture Sheet makes it possible to have a perfect chocolate shell around your cake

Length: 20" x Width.: 4-1/4" x Depth: 3/8"

1. Frost your cake and chill in the refrigerator

2. Fill the origami mold with chocolate. Spread evenly to cover mold completely. Let set several minutes at room temperature.

3. Wrap chocolate filled mold around your chilled cake, and secure with tape.

4. Put cake in refrigerator for about 30 minutes, until set.

5. Remove cake from refrigerator and gently unwrap mold from your cake.

6. Decorate as desired.

Clean mold with warm water and let it air dry. Never use detergent, soap, or sponges.