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PME Fun Font Stamps, Numbers & Special Characters

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Fun Fonts - Numbers and Specials of Collection 1

  • 31 numbers, punctuation and original indicators (st, nd, rd)
  • 12 accents to cover a wide range of global languages 
  • Can accompany Fun Fonts Alphabet Stamp Set Letters sold separately
  • Placing the letters also couldn't be easier with the light see through blue plastic. The stamp also comes with an easy grip handle and a centre line to ensure a straight line finish on all your creations. 
  • The stamps come in a tidy storage box to keep them safe and be easily stored away for your next use. 

    This set works great with all materials including sugarpaste, modelling chocolate, marzipan and a large variety of other decorating materials.

    Approximate Measurements:

    Numbers: 20mm-30mm approx.

    Symbols: 10mm-20mm approx