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70mm Chocolate Sphere Mold, 3 part

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Cocoa Bomb Mold

The BWB 3-Part Mold makes it possible to have a perfect chocolate shell with no chocolate waste.

70mm Round Sphere Mold (70mm = 2.75in)

BWB 3 part molds are very easy to use and you can create a unique piece in minutes. No need for trimming. It comes out easily from the mold with a perfect shine!

1. Simply fill the 1st part of the mold with chocolate up to the marked line.

2. Place the 2nd part silicone mold gently over the chocolate.

3. Use the 3rd mold part to impress the chocolate and fill to the top.

4. Flip the mold open side down and place in freezer for 5-8 minutes.

5. Gently separate all parts from chocolate and repeat the process.

Clean mold with warm water and let it air dry. Never use detergent, soap, or sponges.