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Gelatin Sheets, 5 Pieces

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  • Gelatin Sheets by Gelita, Made in Germany - Silver (190 Bloom)- 
  • Makes great windows in Gingerbread Houses
  • Use for sweet or savory recipes

Leaf gelatine ensures excellent gelling for chefs and at-home cooks with big ideas. It is completely odorless and tasteless. This means that you can bind liquids with it, without changing or affecting the taste of the food. Easy to handle and convenient to use - just 3 easy steps – soak, squeeze and melt – make leaf gelatine easy to use. It always delivers great gelling results. And the best part: you don’t have to weigh or measure your gelatin; simply counting the required number of leaves is enough! Leaf gelatine is fat and carbohydrate free. As pure protein, it is also allergen free and easy to digest. It’s great for quick and delicious low-calorie dishes and desserts, such as savory aspics, cake fillings, panna cotta or jellies. With a protein content of up to 90 percent, leaf gelatine is a valuable protein source and contributes to a conscious and healthy diet. Leaf gelatine is made from 100% porcine sources. 100% pure collagen protein.